October 31, 2010: Port Maquarie Half Iron Man, Port Maquarie NSW.

No,  Tony Abbott didn’t win the Port Maquarie Iron Man, but he did win the award for the fittest (and most colourful) Member of Parliament on the coarse!  And he did finish, which is more than… Click any one of the thumbnails (below) to enlarge, then scroll. More photos under ‘Continue Reading’

1. Mitchell Robins 03:59:09 XX 1. Anna Cleaver 04:31:41
2. Tim Reed 04:00:29 2. Katherine Baker 04:35:17
3. Tim Berkel 04:04:20 3. Rebecca Eveleigh 04:40:08
4. Luke Whitmore 04:13:20 4. Nicole Ward 04:48:15
5. Adam Holborow 04:22:11 5. Suzane Alway 04:49:01


Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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