May 17, 2009: Noosa Blue Water Swim…

A pod of 6 dolphins kept the crowd entertained as the first swimmers approached the last buoy. I think they were dolphins… Thomas Evans, Marcus Hall and Brenden Hall (Paralympian) are the first three to hit the beach – only a short run to the finish… Thomas Evans wins 20-29 category in 25:30 – Marcus Hall wins 13-15 category in 25:32. Brenden Hall approaches the chute – Jack Burnham chasing… Brenden Hall – 30 metres to go, falls – 2m short of the line. Jack Burnham closes, Brenden LEAPS in the air – leaves his crutches – and hops for the line. Jack finishes second in 13-15 category in 25:59 – Brenden Hall 3rd in 13-15 category in 26:00. More on Brenden Hall here

I got caught up in the sheer ‘guts’ of this effort – forgot the camera – and applauded… totally missed Adrian van der Zant, 2nd in 20-29 in 27:03. I turn back to the race… There’s a familiar face – already in the chute – rip off 10 shots –  and actually get one in focus… John Polson takes 3rd place in 20-29 category in 27:40. Don’t know why he’s puffed – he’s not taking the pictures…

Click any one of the thumbnails (below) to enlarge, then scroll. More photos under ‘Continue Reading’

1.x Trent Grimsey 22:21 xxx 1.x Melissa Gorman 23:06
2. Codie Grimseyx 23:04 2. Danielle Defrancescox 23:38
3. David Browne 23:08 3. Stacey Hansford 23:47


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