May 9, 2009: Byron Bay Triathlon…

13 Pros started –┬áresults below. Faces in the crowd… John Polson, showing his disdain for the camera and Coach Chris Laing from Science of Sport, getting ready for the teams event. He can coach – but he can’t spell… Click any one of the thumbnails (below) to enlarge, then scroll. More photos under ‘Continue Reading’

01.x Leon Griffin 1:51:59 xxx 06.x John Polson 1:58:45
02. Paul Ambrosex 1:52:45 07. Taylor Cecil 1:59:35
03. Brian Fuller 1:55:21 08. Adam Holborow 2:01:00
04. Boyd Conrick 1:56:10 09. Josh McHugh 2:01:24
05. Nigel Cooper 1:56:42 10. Chris Waterhousex 2:02:18


Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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